Keep me safe for Windows 10


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Keep me safe is the applicaiton to make you safe in England & Wales

The ONLY app that has a history of crime category statistics for your neighbourhood! Is your neighbourhood getting better or worse?

1.5Small fix to new 2012 data... sorry for the error
New crime categories
Shoplifting, Drugs, Public disorder
Bug fixes
New modern look

Trial includes most functionality. Trial it NOW!

This will will show you your local police force and neighbourhood force and allow you to keep thier contact details handy if you should ever need to contact them.
This app also shows you crime rates for all neighbourhoods in the UK and plots local crimes on a map so you can see how safe you actually are RIGHT NOW.
You can now also see the crime rates for any neighbourhood over time and see if the neighbourhood is getting better or worse. (Data being backed up from Feb 11 only).

Full feature list:

Search police forces
Search through neighbourhood forces
Display police force information including contact details
Display neighbourhood force information including contact details, your neighbourhood team, neighbourhood events
Plot local crimes on a map and see what crimes have been going anywhere in the UK.
See the crime rate for YOUR neighbourhood and compare it with others.
See the crime rate over time for any neighbourhood in England & Wales
Plot the historical crime rates (from feb 11 only) on a graph to really represent how the neighbourhood is faring.
Automatically seeks out the police force and neighbourhood force local to where you currently are!

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